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Location: Palmer, AK
Loan Amount: $1,095,000

Details: 12-Unit.  Refinance of construction debt, with additional cash-out to finance future investment opportunity. 10/10/30 Year Fixed Financing

Boat & RV Storage
Location: Houston, TX
Loan: $8,700,000

Details: 700+ Units.  Refinance of construction debt with substantial cash-out to be utilized for future investments.
7/10/25 Year Fixed Financing

Location: Manhattan, NY
Loan: $1,000,000

Details: Apartments over Owner-Occupied Retail, Cash-out Bridge Financing to fully renovate. Closed in 3 weeks.

Medical Office
Location: Fayetteville, GA
Loan: $1,073,850

Details: Owner-occupied, Medical Practice. 4 owners.
Pending Maturity.
10/10/10 Financing.

Multi-Tenant Retail
Location: North Olmstead, OH
Loan: $1,250,000

Details: Existing Lender unwilling to refinance, due to unpaid taxes and probate concerns. Provided Cash-out to remove tax liens. 70% LTV permanent refinancing.

Location: Chicago, IL
Loan: $678,000

Details: Owner-occupied, Existing Lender unwilling to lower high interest rate. 90% LTV permanent refinancing.
5/20 Year Fixed Financing.

Multi-Tenant Retail
Location: Buford, GA
Loan: $2,200,000

Details: Owner-occupied, with limited seasoning.
70% LTV with cash-out.
5 Year Fixed, with 30 Year AM.

Self Storage
Location: San Antonio, TX
Loan: $1,250,000

Details: Limited seasoning. Credit challenged borrower. 60% LTV Bridge Financing to refinance multiple private loans/investors.

Location: Opa Locka, FL
Loan: $1,500,000

Details: Owner-occupied, Pending Maturity. Existing Lender unwilling to refinance. 75% LTV bridge refinance facilitated a $100,000 DPO.

Multi-Tenant Office
Location: Buffalo Grove, IL
Loan: $1,900,000

Details: Limited seasoning with high cash-out request. 70% LTV Cash-out permanent refinance.
10/10/25 Non-Recourse.

Warehouse (5000 sf)
Location: Ft. Myers, FL
Loan: $450,000

Details: Owner-occupied, Pending Maturity. Existing Lender unwilling to refinance. Poor business performance. 100% LTV permanent refinancing.

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